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Game Masters are guides to help our customers have the best experience possible! 

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Greeting customers 

  • Reading the rules and intro story for the games

  • Providing clues for each game

  • Resetting games between bookings

  • Light cleaning and restocking

This is a primarily on-call position where you can pick your own availability on a per-month basis. Game masters typically work between 4-20hrs per week. This is a perfect job for college students as there is a lot of flexibility with your schedule.

Employees with additional skills such as construction, painting, stagecraft, art, corporate team building outreach, and social media marketing can gain opportunities for additional hours to support the business in those areas.

Hiring is conditional after a paid training period, where you will work alongside staff to learn each game in a maximum of 30 days.

Please email us a copy of your resume and say a little about yourself and why you want to work at Two Trees Escape.

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